IOTA Gets Major Upgrade to Mint L1 Token, Create Native NFTs

• Firefly Shimmer (v2.1.0) brings NFT Gallery and governance support to IOTA users
• Native L1 token, voting on proposals, creating native NFTs, Alias Outputs, and deep links are now available on the Firefly Shimmer wallet
• The new features enable greater participation in the Shimmer Network with support for NFTs, native tokens, and smart contracts

IOTA Gets Massive Upgrade to Mint L1 Token

The Firefly Shimmer (v2.1.0) has arrived with a host of new features for IOTA users including an NFT Gallery and governance support. As a result, users can mint their own L1 tokens as well as vote on proposals based on their token holdings. They can also create native NFTs, Alias Outputs, and use deep links.

Create Native NFTs On Layer 1

The Firefly Wallet has enabled users to create native Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Layer 1 of the IOTA blockchain. This will allow them to trade or burn their own digital assets in an efficient manner using basic media support provided by the wallet itself.

Governance Support For Enhanced Participation

The new version of Firefly also brings extensive governance support which includes a governance tab, Voting Power Management Module (VPMM), automatic proposal registration system through deep links & manually and much more. All these features are designed to facilitate higher levels of engagement within the Shimmer Network so that users can make full use of its capabilities such as Smart Contracts and DeFi solutions.

Shimmer Network For Testing dApps

The Shimmer Network is a Layer-1 staging network specifically designed for developers who want to test out their dApps before they are released onto the mainnet of IOTA cryptocurrency. It provides support for both standard transactions as well as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The native cryptocurrency used within this network is $SMR which makes it easier for developers to transfer funds between different applications quickly and securely without having to switch networks often.

Firefly Wallet Brings A Range Of Possibilities

The introduction of the new features provided by Firefly means that there are now even more possibilities available for developers working with IOTA blockchain projects such as minting L1 tokens, creating native NFTs, voting on proposals based on token holdings etcetera. This could be instrumental in ushering in a whole new wave of innovation within this space in the coming years and further boost its adoption across various industries globally.