prePO Launches Market for Pre-Launch Tokens – Trade Crypto Before Public Launch!

• prePO is a decentralized trading platform allowing anyone to gain synthetic exposure to any pre-IPO stock or pre-IDO token.
• Initial markets will be nominated and voted on by PPO token holders and the wider public, and could include Arbitrum ($ARB), StarkWare ($STRK), MetaMask, zkSync, and OpenSea.
• Early depositors (up to a deposit cap) will receive prePO token incentives, and will automatically earn ETH staking yield via integration with Lido.

prePO Opens Market for Pre-Launch Tokens

Chainwire prePO has announced that early deposits are about to commence on Arbitrum, providing access to initial pre-public markets. This marks the launch of the world’s first exchange for trading pre-launch tokens such as Arbitrum and OpenSea.

Initial Markets

The initial markets nominated and voted on by PPO token holders will feature popular tokens such as Arbitrum ($ARB), StarkWare ($STRK), MetaMask, zkSync, and OpenSea.

Early Depositors Receive Incentives

Those interested in participating can take advantage of incentive rewards from early deposits (up to a deposit cap). Additionally, depositors automatically earn ETH staking yield via integration with Lido.

Mission of PrePO

prePO’s mission is to democratize pre-public investing, transforming a world of financial exclusion into a world of permissionless access.

Learn More

Those interested in participating can learn more via the official announcement found at their website or social media channels.

Silvergate Bank Collapse: US Regulators to Tighten Crypto Rules?

• US Senators respond to the collapse of Silvergate Bank, suggesting that regulators might be stricter with crypto-related regulations.
• Prominent crypto personalities refute Senator Warren’s take on the crypto industry, saying that Silvergate’s collapse had nothing to do with crypto.
• Senator Sherrod Brown suggests that regulatory rules for cryptocurrencies might become more intense in the future.

US Regulators React To Silvergate Bank Collapse

Recent comments by two U.S. Senators following the collapse of Silvergate Bank have heightened market worries and raised speculation about whether or not policy makers will tighten up cryptocurrency policies in order to cut off the industry from banking services.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Expresses Concern

Senator Elizabeth Warren expressed her disappointment with the crash of Silvergate Bank, noting that she had previously warned consumers about potential risks and identified severe due diligence failures at the bank. Warren also called for regulators to step up against potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Prominent Crypto Figures Refute Senator Warren’s Take On Crypto

Prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space have pushed back on Senator Warren’s take on digital currencies, insisting that Silvergate’s collapse was unrelated to cryptocurrency activities and stemmed instead from a lack of adequate reserves compared to other financial institutions.

Senator Sherrod Brown Foresees Tighter Regulations

In addition to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee, Sherrod Brown has also spoken out about potential upcoming changes in regulations for cryptocurrencies. He indicated that it may be necessary for policy makers to impose stricter rules in order ensure proper oversight and consumer protection within this sector of finance.


Although it is too soon to determine how exactly US regulatory bodies will react following Silvergate Bank’s collapse, it appears as though some form of tighter regulation is likely in order to protect customers and safeguard against any further financial risk posed by crypto-related activities.

Connect AWS, Meta, and Google Cloud with Chainlink: Unlock Real-World Use Cases

• Chainlink recently launched a platform called ‚Chainlink Functions‘ which enables developers to connect their decentralized applications (dApps) or smart contracts to any Web 2.0 API.
• There are five ways that developers can use the ChainLink Function in their Decentralized Applications, such as connecting to Twilio, Meta, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Decentralized Insurance.
• Businesses can use Chainlink functions to launch social media campaigns and offer limited number of unique digital collectibles in the form of NFTs. Music artists and record labels can also set up streaming income digital agreements using the cloud communication platform Twilio.

Connecting Decentralized Applications with Web 2.0 APIs Using Chainlink Functions

Chainlink recently launched a platform called ‚Chainlink Functions‘ which is a self-service serverless platform which allows developers to connect their decentralized applications (dApps) or smart contracts to any Web 2.0 API.

Five Ways Developers Can Use ChainLink Function

There are five ways that developers can use the ChainLink Function in their Decentralized Applications: connecting to Twilio, Meta, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Decentralized Insurance.

Social Media Campaigns With Integration of Blockchain

Business owners can use this feature to successfully launch social media campaigns with the integration of blockchain into social media platforms. They can offer a limited number of unique digital collectibles in the form of NFTs to their customers who respond with their wallet addresses along with specific hashtag for the advert.

Income Digital Agreements for Music Artists & Record Labels

Using a smart contract, an artist and record label can set up an agreement that will allow the artist to receive certain amount in USD depending on how many times a song is streamed or downloaded from various platforms.


.ChainLink provides developers multiple benefits when it comes connecting dApps with Web 2.0 APIs through its self-service serverless platform—Chainlink Functions. This opens up huge possibilities for businesses looking for innovative digital solutions such as launching social media campaigns integrated with blockchain networks or setting up streaming income agreements between music artists and record labels.

Dogecoin Soars 6.6% After Elon Musk’s Tweet, Shiba Inu Up 2.5%

• Elon Musk’s Twitter post caused Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to rise by 6.6% and 2.5%, respectively.
• A Blockchain Research Lab study showed that each of the 47 events after a tweet by Musk had an average price range of about 3%.
• The 24-hour move of Dogecoin has been within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872, but it could not test its key resistance level before retracement.

Elon Musk’s Influence on Crypto Prices

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made several moves that have triggered speculations among investors, causing a price surge in Dogecoin (Doge). His most recent tweet caused Dogecoin to increase by 6.6 percent, while Shiba Inu rose by 2.5 percent.

The Effect of Elon Musk’s Moves

A Blockchain Research Lab study was conducted to examine the effect of Elon Musk’s tweets on cryptocurrencies prices, which revealed an average price range of about 3 percent for all 47 events after his tweets were posted.

Dogecoin Price Movement

The 24-hour movement of Dogecoin has been between $0.0832 and $0.0872 but failed to reach its key resistance level before retracement occurred.

Context Behind Elon Musk’s Tweet

Some users believed that Elon Musk’s recent tweet was simply meant to express his interest in meme coins or as a joke; however, others assumed it was in reference to a new feature Twitter recently released called Community Notes which provides additional context for posts people have replied to, liked or retweeted.


Elon Musk has proven himself to have a significant influence over crypto prices with his tweets triggering speculation among investors and causing significant surges in both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu prices

IOTA Gets Major Upgrade to Mint L1 Token, Create Native NFTs

• Firefly Shimmer (v2.1.0) brings NFT Gallery and governance support to IOTA users
• Native L1 token, voting on proposals, creating native NFTs, Alias Outputs, and deep links are now available on the Firefly Shimmer wallet
• The new features enable greater participation in the Shimmer Network with support for NFTs, native tokens, and smart contracts

IOTA Gets Massive Upgrade to Mint L1 Token

The Firefly Shimmer (v2.1.0) has arrived with a host of new features for IOTA users including an NFT Gallery and governance support. As a result, users can mint their own L1 tokens as well as vote on proposals based on their token holdings. They can also create native NFTs, Alias Outputs, and use deep links.

Create Native NFTs On Layer 1

The Firefly Wallet has enabled users to create native Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Layer 1 of the IOTA blockchain. This will allow them to trade or burn their own digital assets in an efficient manner using basic media support provided by the wallet itself.

Governance Support For Enhanced Participation

The new version of Firefly also brings extensive governance support which includes a governance tab, Voting Power Management Module (VPMM), automatic proposal registration system through deep links & manually and much more. All these features are designed to facilitate higher levels of engagement within the Shimmer Network so that users can make full use of its capabilities such as Smart Contracts and DeFi solutions.

Shimmer Network For Testing dApps

The Shimmer Network is a Layer-1 staging network specifically designed for developers who want to test out their dApps before they are released onto the mainnet of IOTA cryptocurrency. It provides support for both standard transactions as well as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The native cryptocurrency used within this network is $SMR which makes it easier for developers to transfer funds between different applications quickly and securely without having to switch networks often.

Firefly Wallet Brings A Range Of Possibilities

The introduction of the new features provided by Firefly means that there are now even more possibilities available for developers working with IOTA blockchain projects such as minting L1 tokens, creating native NFTs, voting on proposals based on token holdings etcetera. This could be instrumental in ushering in a whole new wave of innovation within this space in the coming years and further boost its adoption across various industries globally.

Polygon Partners with Rariko to Build Next-Gen Blockchain-Based Social Platforms

• The Polygon network has partnered with Rariko to build a blockchain-based social media platform that will enable users to exchange NFTs and access real-time asset authentication (RTAA).
• The partnership between AcknoLedger and Rariko will allow AcknoLedger to easily engage with and grow their community.
• Polygon’s compatibility with all EVM chains and Solana make it an attractive choice for DeFi projects.

Polygon Network Partners With Rariko

The Polygon network has partnered with Rariko, a next-generation wallet communication protocol built on the Polygon network, to create a blockchain-based social media platform that will enable users to exchange NFTs and access real-time asset authentication (RTAA). This will be the first of its kind, allowing people to interact in a secure way with digital assets.

AcknoLedger Partnership

The partnership between AcknoLedger and Rariko will allow AcknoLedger to easily engage with and grow their community. This is especially helpful for those involved in non-fungible token (NFT) transfers, as the two companies have agreed upon a seamless UX for this purpose. In addition, this partnership provides AcknoLedger with more opportunities for scalability on the Polygon network.

Polygon’s Compatibility

The Polygon network takes pride in hundreds of DeFi apps, such as AAVE, Quickswap, Balancer, and Uniswap V3; all of which boast a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $1.18 billion. Its compatibility with all EVM chains and Solana makes it an attractive choice for DeFi projects looking for Ethereum scaling solutions.

Rariko Platform Benefits

The Rariko platform also benefits from its association with the Polygon network due to its automated communities having instant token-gated access with RTAA and Anti- Phishing checks. It also allows users to build social interaction platforms like Twitter or Facebook but bases its infrastructure on blockchain technology instead of traditional methods.


Overall, the partnership between Rariko and the Polygon network seems like a great move towards creating secure digital interactions around NFTs through social media channels powered by blockchain technology. With both companies working together, we can expect great things from this collaboration in terms of scalability benefits as well as safety features that ensure user security when exchanging digital assets online.

Litecoin Whale Transactions Surge: 37% Growth Rate Seen

• On-chain data suggests Litecoin is seeing more mega-million buying spree.
• Transactions worth $1 million or more are beginning to flood the market, an indication of renewed interest.
• The last time such notable whale transactions were recorded for Litecoin, it resulted in a 37 percent growth rate.

Recent data from the crypto analytics platform, Santiment, has revealed that there is a surge in large-scale buying of Litecoin (LTC). Transactions worth $1 million or more are increasingly being seen, suggesting renewed interest in the digital currency. This is a very positive signal for LTC which is currently trading at $88.99 and has seen a growth rate of 1.50 percent over the past 24 hours.

The data also showed that the last time such significant whale transactions were seen for Litecoin, it resulted in a 37 percent growth rate. This could be a very promising indicator and could potentially lead to LTC reaching new highs. In addition, Litecoin’s growth rate has been relatively more consistent over the trailing 7-day period, with the digital currency up by 6.97% and down by 78.43 percent from its All-Time High (ATH) price of $412.96.

This news has been welcomed by LTC enthusiasts as it could be a sign of the beginning of a bullish period for the coin. However, it should also be noted that more conviction is needed by the bulls to act. In order to capitalize on the potential of the market, investors must be aware of the risks associated with such a volatile asset, and be prepared to adjust their strategies accordingly.

Ultimately, the data from Santiment is certainly a strong indication of renewed investor interest in Litecoin, and if the trend continues, it could be just the start of a new bull run for the coin.

Learn Crypto & Trading: Top 3 Sites to Get You Started!

• LearnFX is a site that provides users with the highest quality of educational material related to cryptocurrency and trading.
• It offers topics such as Terminology, Guides, Strategies, Indicators, and even Courses.
• It is a go-to place for people who want to learn about crypto and trading, as the educational material provided is built in a way that will help users understand both crypto and trading in general.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, more and more people have started to look at this asset from a more serious perspective. Not only experienced traders, who were already familiar with Forex and Stock trading, have incorporated cryptocurrencies into their portfolios, but also newcomers, who had little to no experience in trading, started to join the crypto market. These newcomers need somewhere to learn about cryptocurrencies, how they work and how to trade with them. That’s why in this article, we will provide a list of the top 3 sites where you can learn everything about crypto and trading.

The first site we will mention is LearnFX. This site takes education very seriously and has a team of experienced professionals working in order to provide the highest quality of educational material. When you visit this site, you can find a wide range of information and the “Learn to Trade” section is a great place for people who want to learn about crypto and trading. There you can find categories such as Terminology, Guides, Strategies, Indicators, and even Courses. Depending on your interests, you can choose the topics you are interested in and access a wide range of guides related to everything trading.

What makes LearnFX stand out from the rest is that the educational material provided on this website is designed to help users not only learn about crypto and crypto trading but also about trading in general. Since the cryptocurrency market is a financial market, there are many similarities between it and other financial markets, such as Forex and Stock trading. That’s why LearnFX provides users with a comprehensive understanding of not only the cryptocurrency market, but also trading in general.

The second site we will mention is Crypto Academy. This is a great site for newcomers in the crypto market, as it offers courses and tutorials on a variety of topics related to crypto. This site offers courses that range from the basics of crypto to more advanced topics, such as technical analysis and trading strategies. Crypto Academy also offers a variety of tools and resources that can help users improve their understanding of crypto and trading.

The third site we will mention is Crypto Trading School. This is a great site for those who are looking to learn more about trading with cryptocurrencies. This site offers a variety of courses and tutorials on topics such as technical analysis, trading strategies, and even risk management. The main focus of this site is to provide users with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful traders.

These are three of the best sites to learn about cryptocurrencies and trading. Each of these sites has its own unique features, and depending on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you best. Regardless of the site you choose, all of these sites are a great place to start your journey in understanding crypto and trading.

Top 3 Trends, auf die sich Bitcoin-Investoren jetzt konzentrieren müssen

Seit dem Beginn der Kryptowährung craze, Bitcoin hat sich als die Top-Krypto auf dem Markt slated. Überall, wo Sie nach Referenzen suchen, wenn es um E-Geld geht, ist BTC immer an der Spitze der Gespräche, Trends und Investitionsmöglichkeiten.

Angesichts der Bedeutung, die Bitcoin sammelt auf einer täglichen Basis, mit ihm in mehr und mehr Unternehmen und Branchen als Tage vergehen, auch einschließlich Plattformen, wo Bitcoin Sportwetten hat sich zu einem beliebten Trend, immer mit einer oberen Hand zu wissen, wie zu handhaben und zu verwalten, sagte Krypto hat sich entscheidend für Investoren groß und klein.

Mit der Bedeutung, die Bitcoin weiterhin tagtäglich gewinnt, sind hier drei entscheidende Trends, auf die sich Investoren, die sich in Bitcoin tummeln, konzentrieren sollten, um solide Investitionen zu tätigen und ihre Handelsfähigkeiten und Gewinne zu maximieren.

Entscheidungen stehen Bitcoin Evolution bevor

Ja, die Überprüfung von Informationen wie Preisvorhersagen für das, was ein Vermögenswert wie Bitcoin jetzt und in Zukunft bieten kann, ist in der Regel eine sehr gute Information, die man haben sollte, aber gleichzeitig sind Investoren von Bitcoin Evolution zu der Erkenntnis gekommen, dass Preisvorhersagen nicht etwas sind, das sie im Auge behalten müssen, um überstürzte, sofortige Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Am Ende des Tages sind Vorhersagen genau das, nämlich Vermutungen, die zwar auf Informationen und Statistiken basieren, aber auch von einer Minute auf die andere variieren können, vor allem wenn man den Volatilitätsfaktor bedenkt, den Kryptowährungen, insbesondere BTC, Investoren bieten.

Es gibt Vorhersagen, dass Bitcoin bis Ende 2021 eine Preismarke von $100.000 erreicht und in ein paar Jahren sogar auf etwa $500.000 steigt, aber gleichzeitig sind diese Vorhersagen und Prognosen keineswegs in Stein gemeißelt. Es ist sehr schwierig, mit Sicherheit zu wissen, wo sich die BTC-Preise in einem beliebigen Zeitraum befinden werden, sei es kurz- oder langfristig, und auch hier gilt, dass es zwar immer eine große Hilfe sein kann, die von Experten erstellten Analysen im Auge zu behalten, aber nicht die treibende Kraft für Investoren sein sollte, weiterzumachen.

Preisvorhersagen sind so vielfältig wie sie kommen, so in der Lage, eine, die 100% richtig ist, ist eine gigantische Aufgabe, die sehr leicht am Ende sehen Investoren in eine unerwünschte Überraschung am Ende dieser Straße laufen könnte.

Grundsätzlich gesagt, wenn es um Kryptowährungen geht, besonders eine so starke wie Bitcoin, gibt es keinen sicheren, genauen Weg, um die Zukunft vorherzusagen, denn solange Analysten und Investoren nicht in die Zukunft schauen können, wird keine Information 100% sicher sein. Der beste Schritt, den Investoren machen können, ist, auf einem Niveau zu spielen, auf dem sie sich am sichersten und wohlsten fühlen, während sie die Realität eines solch volatilen Marktes und Assets verstehen.

Stärkere Regulierungen werden eher früher als später kommen

Seit dem Beginn der ganzen Krypto-Handelsbewegung haben Investoren Optionen wie Bitcoin als einen sicheren Hafen für steuerfreie und entspanntere Geschäfte und Investitionen gefunden, aber mit der ständig steigenden Popularität von BTC und anderen Kryptos, sind Zeiten für stärkere, von der Regierung gerittene, finanzielle Regulierungen auf dem Weg. Aber was bedeutet das genau für Bitcoin-Investoren, zum Beispiel?

Nun, zum einen ist der Handel mit Bitcoin zwar ein sicherer Ort geworden, an dem keine Steuern erhoben werden, was ihn natürlich zu einer der, wenn nicht sogar zur attraktivsten Geldanlageoption auf dem Markt macht, aber mit stärkeren staatlichen Regulierungen können Investoren damit rechnen, dass BTC-Gewinne zu versteuern sind.

Während dies könnte kommen aus wie ein frecher Schritt für Investoren, am Ende des Tages ist es ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, um in der Lage sein, ein Maß an Legalität, die dringend benötigt wird, um abzuwehren, Geldwäsche-Aktivitäten sowie Steuerhinterziehung und andere Unternehmen angetrieben Straftaten zu halten.

Krypto-Management-Unternehmen seit dem Beginn ihrer läuft haben es einen Punkt, um seinen Kunden ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit und Privatsphäre in ihren Geschäften zu bieten, auch um sicherzustellen, dass sie genau wissen, wer sie sind mit dem Umgang und was ihre Absichten sind. Dies, zusammen mit stärkeren staatlichen Regulierungen, wird dazu beitragen, eine Art Visitenkarte für Investoren zu etablieren, um sicherzustellen, dass ihre Investitionen gut aufgehoben sind und immer im Bereich der Legalität gehalten werden.

Die Nachfrage wird der wichtigste Preistreiber sein

Wie bei jedem anderen Geschäft auch, ist es die Nachfrage, die eine Branche florieren lässt. Wenn Sie ein Produkt haben und es schaffen, dass jeder es haben will und braucht, dann wissen Sie, dass Sie alles richtig machen. Mit Bitcoin ist die Geschichte praktisch die gleiche. Große Unternehmen, die öffentlich handeln und große Bitcoin-Portfolios halten, wie Tesla und Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, beides Unternehmen, die Milliarden von Dollar in BTC investiert haben, sind zu den Haupttreibern dafür geworden, wie die Nachfrage nach besagter Kryptowährung ist und wie sie in Zukunft weiter gesteuert wird.

Es gibt Studien, die besagen, dass die meisten Unternehmen, die sich im institutionellen Handel mit Bitcoin beschäftigen, keine wirklichen Anzeichen für ein Aufhören ihrer BTC-Investitionspläne zeigen, wobei etwa 60 % von ihnen erwarten, dass sie ihre Krypto-Bestände in Zukunft weiter erhöhen werden. Wenn sich dieser Trend fortsetzt, wird dies den Preis von Bitcoin nur weiter in die Höhe treiben, da die Nachfrage weiter steigen wird, eine sehr gute Nachricht für alte und neue Investoren.

Os Touros da Carta de Bitcoin de Bearish Definitivamente Não Querem Ver

O preço do bitcoin hoje estabelece um novo recorde, e amanhã a Coinbase vai a público, colocando um foco ainda maior na indústria de criptografia de moedas, que já está em alta.

As coisas não poderiam parecer mais otimistas para a Bitcoin e para o resto do mercado, mas a recente ação de preços poderia se assemelhar ao esquema de um feiticeiro de mercado de como deveria ser a „distribuição“. Aqui está o gráfico que qualquer pessoa em alta na Bitcoin Code poderia não querer ver.

As Várias Fases de um Ciclo de Mercado Cripto

Todos os mercados são cíclicos, e a criptografia não é diferente. Toda a classe de ativos sem alguns outliers está em um enorme mercado de touros, onde novos máximos de todos os tempos são definidos semanalmente.

A descoberta de preços em tendências, os ativos especulativos são rápidos e furiosos e o preço do Bitcoin tem subido desde que voltou a testar o fundo de seu mercado de ursos.

Ao longo de 2019 e 2020, a principal moeda criptográfica por limite de mercado estava em modo de acumulação total – uma fase em que os investidores estavam carregando na BTC se preparando para o mercado de touros à frente.

Aqueles que o fizeram estavam, em última instância, certos e lucrativos. O preço do bitcoin subiu de menos de $4.000 para $63.000 e ainda está subindo.

O que vem em seguida, no entanto, não é tão certo depois de chegar até agora. Infelizmente, o que está por vir pode não ser algo que os touros ainda estejam prontos para ver.

Ação recente do preço do bitcoin assemelha-se ao esquema de distribuição Wyckoff

Um analista criptográfico detectou o fato de que a recente ação de preços em Bitcoin se assemelha a um esquema de distribuição criado pelo falecido mestre técnico de mercado Richard Demille Wyckoff.

Wyckoff é altamente considerado ao lado de pessoas como Gann, Dow, Dow, Elliott, Merrill, Morgan e Livermore. Suas teorias são usadas regularmente em todas as finanças até hoje.

A teoria de Wyckoff acredita que o mercado deve ser visto como sendo controlado por uma figura apelidada de „o homem composto“. Esta misteriosa baleia leva o mercado através de quatro fases distintas: acumulação, marcação para cima, distribuição e marcação para baixo.

Diz-se que os mercados são cíclicos de tal forma, e Wyckoff estava tão interessado em como isto funcionava, que desenvolveu vários esquemas para cada um deles.

A colocação de tal esquema sobre a recente ação do preço do Bitcoin não é um grande sinal para os touros atualmente. Pior ainda, o rally tem sido um ano inteiro forte agora com muito pouca correção, os técnicos estão altamente superaquecidos, e um raro sinal de topo acaba de aparecer pela primeira vez desde 2017.

Se o analista estiver certo e a distribuição for a razão pela qual o rali fez uma pausa de $60.000, o que pode vir em seguida é uma fase de „mark down“ que apaga parte da marca durante o último ano – antes que tudo comece de novo.